About Us David Bruton, Principal

David Bruton has worked for companies from small (20 employees) to large (>60,000 employees) during his 27 year career. During that time he used tools to manage information and processes that ranged from manual forms and spreadsheets to enterprise-wide databases that integrated sales and operations, and he has been involved in re-defining processes and their systems. He saw the challenges from forcing simultaneous changes to both processes and systems — and from managing people with software tools, rather than just processes.

While working for a midsize company, David designed and developed a customized database that leveraged his experiences. The system was based on existing processes and mirrored existing forms and spreadsheets. The system replaced 15 different spreadsheets used to track timesheets, expense reports, vendor invoices, project tracking, and other tasks, with some spreadsheets used by every employee (see database structure). Managers and administrators were spending over 8 days a month compiling the information from one spreadsheet and re-entering it into another or into accounting software.

The Quickbase system was designed, developed and deployed in less than 3 months. All compilation is now done in the database, saving over $80,000 per year. It was able to compress the vendor/subcontractor invoice approval process from 3-4 weeks down to one week (see how). It was integrated with accounting software (QuickBooks). The database tracks the overall profitability of the projects and the company. The system has had resounding acceptance and success.

David founded Base for Business in 2007 to offer his collective experience to other firms that want to enhance their existing tools to reduce manual data compilation and tracking to provide up-to-date information available from anywhere and at anytime. Please contact us to learn the impact that Base for Business can have on your company.