Potential Impact

The following table details some of the typical problems the clients experience that drain productivity of a company, and demonstrates the potential to resolve these problems. If these problems sound familiar, find out more about how we can help improve your company's productivity.

Typical Problems Potential Solutions
Manual compiling of data Automatic summarization of data following your current reports
Numerous emails to share information between team members and management, resulting in out-of-date information Information is accessible anytime from any internet connected PC and always up-to-date
Paperwork shuffling to transfer information for approval Automatic notifications for a simple approval process
Standard out-of-the-box products do not match your business processes and your approach to the market Customize database around your specific processes and your approach
Accounting software cannot manage all financials Customize database with your information as you want to see it
Spreadsheets are difficult to maintain as projects are added or teams expand Add projects, team members, etc. with a single click of a button. Information is immediately available throughout the system.
No master customer/contact database Single customer database that can be updated by everyone
No in-house IT staff to set up and maintain a secure web-based server with firewalls Software and data housed in a secure data center with daily back-ups
Cannot hide sensitive financial information Customizable permission levels to limit access to specific records or specific fields
No way to manage workloads/backlog; estimate resource needs and timeframes View reports and Gantt charts showing backlogs and estimated project completion
Wasted time transferring data Improved productivity and workflow