Keys to Success

You may have heard of or been involved with previous Information Technology (IT) projects that did not live up to their expectations and promises. The following table details some of the typical problems that occur during the development and deployment of these systems and the keys that Base for Business uses to guarantee success.

Typical Problems Key Success Factors
Communication gaps between business consultant, programmer, and trainer No transitions between consultant, programmer, and trainer
Process changed to accommodate software, not software changed to accommodate process Software is customized around your processes
Both tools and processes are changed simultaneously, overwhelming users Two-phase approach: change tool to existing processes, gain tool acceptance, then improve processes
Implementation does not accommodate needs of specific users Customized reports and shortcuts are created for users after deployment that promotes acceptance
Insufficient training during deployment Training and support are included in the bundle
Difficult to extract information Custom report creation is part of training
Financially committed to software Satisfaction is Guaranteed!